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New Braunfels offers a range of fantastic youth soccer teams that cater to all skill levels and ages. Whether your child is just starting out or is ready to compete at a higher level, there is a place for them here! All of our clubs focus on developing skills, fostering teamwork, and ensuring that your child has a rewarding experience with the team and the coaches. However, finding the right team can be quite hard, so enlist the help of TeamPlayr! Simply explore our listings, read the information about all the teams, and find the perfect match for your child! We’re here to support your journey in every step of the way. So, why wait? join TeamPlayr today and find the best youth soccer team for your child!

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How many youth soccer teams are there in New Braunfels?

There are presently 24 youth soccer teams active in New Braunfels.

Does New Braunfels have any youth soccer teams for kids under the age of 11?

Absolutely! We have three teams in New Braunfels that take in kids under 11:`

Relentless SC 13G

Are there many youth soccer teams for girls in New Braunfels?

There are quite a few youth soccer teams for girls in this city! 

  • NB Ajax 07G White
  • NB Ajax 08G White
  • NB Ajaz 10G Stealth
  • NMAjax 10G White
  • NB Ajax 11G White 
  • NB Ajax 13G White 
  • NB Ajax 14G 
  • NB Ajax 15G Ortega
  • NB Ajax 14G White
  • Relentless SC 09G
  • Relentless SC 13G
  • Relentless SC 14G
  • Relentless SC 15G
  • Relentless SC 16G

When are the tryouts for any of the Relentless youth soccer teams?

The tryout schedules for the Relentless youth soccer teams are available on their respective team pages. In case they are not available, you can fill out the form present at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How can I prepare for youth soccer tryouts?

When it comes to youth soccer tryouts, your kid should focus on fitness, skills, and teamwork. Practice the basics - dribbling, passing, shooting, and agility. They might become anxious before the tryouts, but you should calm them down. The main thing is that they enjoy themselves and show good sportsmanship. 

How do American soccer leagues work?

At the youth level of the soccer leagues, there are three dominant organizations: USYS, USSSA, and US Club Soccer. These soccer organizations have various leagues that they endorse and maintain. The overall landscape of youth soccer would follow this:

  1. Town Recreational Leagues 
  2. Town Travel Leagues 
  3. Youth Academy
  4. National League Conferences” NPL and ECNL Regional Leagues 
  5. The National League: ENPL and ECNL 
  6. Development Player League 
  7. GA Rising and National Academy League 
  8. Girls Academy and MLS Next.

Do keep in mind that some regions of the U.S. don’t offer some of the levels on this list.

How long are halves in U14 soccer?

In Under-14 soccer matches, the standard duration for halves is typically 35 minutes each. However, the exact length can vary based on the specific rules and regulations set by the organizing soccer association or league. We recommend checking the guidelines provided by the governing body overseeing the competition, just to be on the safe side. 

What is the most popular soccer team in Texas?

It is hard to pinpoint the most popular team since preferences vary among people. However, some of the more popular ones include FC Dallas Youth, Houston Dynamo Youth, and Lonestar SC. This can change at any point in time, so we recommend keeping an eye out to stay informed. 

How much does it cost to create a Team profile?

TeamPlayr offers multiple pricing options for Teams - log in and check out our team pricing page to find the option that's best for you!

How do I get my Team listed on the TeamPlayr network?

It's super easy! Have a coach, team manager, or club administrator create a TeamPlayr account, select your subscription plan, and create your Team Profile!