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Have you just moved here or are looking for a new team to match your child's skills? TeamPlayr is the best place for you! Explore our platform to find the best youth soccer club for your little star! Our vast array of clubs and our host of experienced coaches makes it a breeze to help find you the perfect fit. Each team has a unique identity and playing style so you can rest assured that you will find the right team to bring out the best of your child's skills and ambitions.Explore our handpicked selection of youth soccer clubs today!

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But don't worry, we have a backup plan! Either reset all filters or create a player profile so teams can reach out to you! 

What is TeamPlayr?
TeamPlayr is a specialized platform designed to connect youth soccer clubs and enthusiasts with clubs across North Texas.
How can TeamPlayr help me get discovered?
By creating your Player Profile on TeamPlayr, you increase your visibility. Youth soccer clubs from across North Texas can discover your talents, allowing you to connect with them.
How does TeamPlayr speed up my team search?
TeamPlayr streamlines your search process. The platform allows you to easily explore and connect with North Texas youth soccer clubs, saving you time and effort in finding the right match for your player.
Why should I trust the information on TeamPlayr?
TeamPlayr ensures the reliability of information with the blue checkmark and circle icon. All teams in our network are verified, providing you with the assurance that the information they share is legitimate and trustworthy.
How are teams verified on TeamPlayr?
Teams undergo a verification process on TeamPlayr to confirm the authenticity of the information they provide. This ensures a reliable and credible platform for users seeking soccer opportunities.
Can I trust the clubs I connect with on TeamPlayr?
Absolutely! The verification process guarantees that all clubs in our network are legitimate. You can confidently connect with clubs that align with your player's needs.
How do I get started on TeamPlayr?
To get started, simply create your Player Profile. This will open up opportunities for discovery and seamless connections with North Texas youth soccer clubs.
How much does it cost to create a Player profile?
Nothing. It's free!
How much does it cost to create a Team profile?
TeamPlayr offers multiple pricing options for Teams - log in and check out our team pricing page to find the option that's best for you!
How do I get my Team listed on the TeamPlayr network?
It's super easy! Have a coach, team manager, or club administrator create a TeamPlayr account, select your subscription plan, and create your Team Profile!
What if I can't find a team that fits my search criteria?
Need help finding a team that fits your player's needs? No problem! Create a Player Profile and one of our TeamPlayr team members will contact you directly to support your team search and get you connected with North Texas youth soccer clubs that are a good fit for your player.
What if I have more questions or need assistance on TeamPlayr?
If you have additional questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to ensure you have a smooth and rewarding experience on TeamPlayr.