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4 minutes

Club vs. Recreational Soccer: Differences in Coaching and Development Approaches

In this post we answer a question from the Soccer Parent Lifestyle Facebook group about the differences in coaching and development in club and recreational youth soccer.
7 minutes

10 Fun Soccer Drills for Kids

Are you looking for ways to make your kid's soccer practice enjoyable while also ensuring they improve? Here are 10 fun soccer drills for kids!
3 minutes

A Crash Course for Coaching Your Kid's Soccer Team

In this crash course for new youth soccer coaches, we cover the essentials of coaching your child's team, from understanding basic soccer rules to conducting effective and enjoyable practices.
3 minutes

How to Join a Youth Soccer Team in San Antonio: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Discover the ideal youth soccer team in San Antonio with TeamPlayr, your comprehensive guide to local clubs. From selecting the right team to preparing for tryouts, this blog provides valuable insights for parents and young athletes, ensuring a fulfilling soccer journey.
3 minutes

How to Find Youth Soccer Teams Near You

Discover how TeamPlayr simplifies finding the ideal youth soccer team for your child, offering a user-friendly platform to search, connect, and communicate with local teams. This guide combines TeamPlayr's tailored search options with practical tips, making your quest for the perfect team both efficient and stress-free.
10 minutes

TeamPlayr Spotlight: Brad Namdar, Texas Outlaws

In our latest TeamPlayr Spotlight, we reconnect with Brad Namdar, now the General Manager and Sporting Director of the Texas Outlaws, as he discusses his transition from the Denton Diablos and the nuances of indoor soccer in the professional realm. Through his narrative, Brad unveils the Texas Outlaws' community engagement initiatives, their vibrant in-game atmosphere, and the promising trajectory the team is on as they gear up for the upcoming MASL season.
41 minutes

TeamPlayr Spotlight: Tony Merola

In our recent TeamPlayr Spotlight, we interviewed Wales-native coach Tony Merola, formerly of Wrexham AFC. Transitioning from his playing days in Wales, Tony has since been shaping football talent in North Texas. Dive into our chat to explore his inspiring journey, blending Welsh football heritage with Texan zeal.
3 minutes

What should a youth soccer training session look like?

Discover the USSF's Play-Practice-Play model & its role in your child's soccer training. Get an insight to navigate the youth soccer landscape confidently!
9 minutes

A Game-Changer for North Texas Youth Soccer: The Impact of Quality Coaching

Explore how quality coaching is revolutionizing North Texas youth soccer, from individual player development to elevating the standard of play. Discover the long-term benefits of skilled coaching, the role of parents and community in promoting it, and how it's shaping the future of soccer in the region
3 minutes

Formation Fundamentals: 4-3-3

Discover the player roles, strengths, and weaknesses of the versatile 4-3-3 soccer formation. Explore how top teams like Barcelona have utilized this formation to achieve unparalleled success.
3 minutes

8 Tips for Finding the Perfect Youth Select Baseball Team in North Texas

Discover tips for finding the ideal youth select baseball team in North Texas. Consider factors like skill level, coaching staff, team culture, and schedule to ensure a great fit for your young athlete.
2 minutes

Continuous Recruitment in Youth Sports - The Key to Building Successful Teams

Explore why continuous recruitment is essential for youth sports organizations. From building a stronger talent pipeline to fostering lasting relationships and staying competitive, year-round recruitment offers numerous advantages.
2 minutes

Connecting Youth Athletes with Sports Organizations Made Easier with TeamPlayr

Discover, an innovative platform connecting youth athletes with sports organizations. Find the perfect team for your child or promote your sports team with ease. Streamline the search, save time, and ensure a great fit with TeamPlayr
2 minutes

Top 5 Books for Youth Soccer Players

Explore the top 5 soccer books that mold young athletes, offering tactical insights, success secrets, and inspirational journeys. Dive beyond the pitch, learn from legends, and amplify your soccer experience.
2 minutes

5 Tips for Marketing Your Youth Sports Club

Elevate your youth sports club with our 5 essential marketing tips: Develop a user-friendly website, utilize social media, craft engaging newsletters, connect with your local community through events, and tap into your alumni network. Gain more members and foster a thriving sports community.
7 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Gavin Mole, EatTrainPerform

In this post we spotlight Gavin Mole, a former soccer player turned sports nutritionist, as we explore the impact of nutrition on athletic performance.
4 minutes

US Soccer Isn't That Bad

Defying stereotypes, this blog explores the growth, rising standards, and potential in US soccer, highlighting youth development, expanded access, coaching education, improved leagues, international success, and global influence. Celebrate achievements and invest in the sport!
3 minutes

Formation Fundamentals: 4-4-2

Explore the classic 4-4-2 soccer formation in our new series, Formation Fundamentals. Discover its strengths, weaknesses, and key player roles.
3 minutes

Beat the Heat: A Parents Guide to Surviving Summer Soccer

In this post we provide a few tips to help soccer parents and spectators survive the brutal summer heat
5 minutes

Out of Play: Why Youth Soccer Clubs Fail

In this post we explores the struggles of youth clubs, from finance to staff and leadership issues, suggesting holistic solutions.
5 minutes

Teaching Sportsmanship in Victory and Defeat: Building Character On and Off the Field

Teaching sportsmanship in victory and defeat is crucial for children's character development. It builds emotional intelligence, fostering empathy, resilience, and respect. Discover practical strategies to guide your child in developing sportsmanship on and off the field.
6 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Nic Heffernan, Brighton SC

In this post, Nic Heffernan, Brighton Soccer Club founder, shares his journey from English football to the heart of Texas. Learn about how the club's unique philosophy prioritizes high-intensity player development, transparency, and no financial contracts, aims to reshape the soccer landscape.
3 minutes

Choosing the Right Soccer Camp for Your Player

In this post we discuss choosing the right soccer camp for your child. Consider goals, research camps, assess coaching, evaluate structure and facilities, prioritize safety, seek feedback, and find a camp that aligns with their needs.
8 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Tony Cavalle & Mike Fruia, Dallas Surf

Dallas Surf Soccer Club founders, Tony Cavalle and Mike Fruia, discuss their journey, club growth, and their commitment to transparency, scholarships, and player development.
2 minutes

The Benefits of Adding Futsal to Your Soccer Training

Discover the unique benefits of futsal and why it could be the key to enhancing your youth soccer player's skills on the pitch. Explore the differences between soccer and futsal, including the game's size, surface, player count, ball specifications, and duration. Learn how futsal's unique characteristics can improve a player's game.
4 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Anthony Bardon, Solar SC & Lincoln Football Academy

In this TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT, Founder Anthony discusses Lincoln Football Club's journey, partnership with Solar, and focus on culture.
4 minutes

The Balancing Act: Managing School, Soccer, and Social Life

In this post I share my personal experiences and insights on striking the perfect balance between school, soccer, and social life.
3 minutes

Does your soccer player need a private coach?

This post provides a list of the benefits and potential drawbacks of hiring a private coach for your soccer player.
8 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Adam Tourle, Steel United Texas

This TeamPlayr spotlight interview features Adam Tourle, the Regional Director of Teams & Programming at Steel United Texas. Part of the larger Steel Sports national organization, Adam and Steel United have brought their professional youth development methodology, as well as a number of unique programs, to North Texas.
3 minutes

The Dallas Cup: More Than Just a Soccer Tournament

This post provides a look into how the prestigious youth soccer tournament, the Dallas Cup, does for youth soccer than give players a place to compete.

How to Fight Stinky Cleats

This post provide a few quick tips for how to handle stinky soccer cleats
3 minutes

The Complete Guide to Soccer Positions: Striker

In this post we highlight the roles, responsibilities and skills required to be an effective striker.
3 minutes

How to deal with tryout anxiety

This post provides tips for handling the pressure and anxiety some players experience when trying out for a new team.
8 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Ben Brannigan, Texas United FC

In this TeamPlayr Spotlight we sit down with the newly appointed Brand Marketing and Community Outreach Director of Texas United FC – Ben Brannigan. Ben talks about the USL 2 PATH2PRO platform, gives some history of Texas United FC, and provides insight to their excited plans for the future

Soccer Parent Like a Pro: 5 Essential Items for Gameday

In this post we bring you 5 essential items a soccer parent should never be without on gameday.
3 minutes

The Complete Guide to Soccer Positions: Center Attack Midfield (CAM)

We'll walk you through the importance of the pivotal Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM) soccer position in our latest guide. Join the community for more insights!
30 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Brad Namdar, Denton Diablos

Watch this TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT as we sit down with Brad Namdar, General Manager and Technical Director of the Denton Diablos.
4 minutes

Your kid probably won't be a professional soccer player... and that's OK

This post discusses the improbability of a youth player becoming a professional and provides reasons why participating in youth competitive soccer is still a worthwhile pursuit.
9 minutes

TEAMPLAYR SPOTLIGHT: Wilco Ravestijn, Dutch FC

Theis interview features Wilco Ravestijn, former pro player and founder of Dutch FC in Frisco, Texas. Dutch FC is a soccer club that aims to improve the soccer culture in North Texas by prioritizing enjoyment, development, and competition and follows the philosophy and methodologies used in Holland.
3 minutes

The Complete Guide to Soccer Positions: Center Back

In this post we highlight the roles, responsibilities and skills of the backbone of the back line - the center back.

The Best Soccer Movies For Kids | TeamPlayr

The ultimate list of great kids' soccer movies! From 'The Big Green' to 'Bend It Like Beckham,' explore the magic of these films to inspire the next little Beckham.
4 minutes

Goal Setting for Soccer Players

This post discusses the importance of goal setting for competitive soccer players, and provides tips for how to effectively set goals. It highlights the need to set specific, measurable, and time-bound goals, break them down into smaller, more manageable steps, and regularly monitor progress.
3 minutes

8 Tips for Finding the Right Soccer Coach

This post is a guide for parents of youth competitive soccer players on how to evaluate a potential new coach. It includes a list of important questions to ask including their coaching philosophy, experience, qualifications, communication style, and more.
3 minutes

The Complete Guide to Soccer Positions: Winger

In this post we take a closer look at the responsibilities and skills of a winger.
4 minutes

How to Score More Goals: Tips for finding the back of the net

Having trouble finding the net? This post covers the characteristics and skills of a goal scorer.
3 minutes

Are You Good Enough? Evaluating Talent in Youth Soccer

This post discusses the evaluation of talent in youth soccer, and how coaches generally use a set of criteria (technical ability, tactical understanding, physical ability, and psychosocial skills) to assess players.
2 minutes

How to not be "that" parent on game day

In this post we give a few tips on how to be a positive soccer parent on game day.
5 minutes

Why your soccer player should play multiple sports... and why they shouldn't.

In this post we discuss the pros and cons of competitive soccer player participating in multiple sports.
4 minutes

The Complete Guide to Soccer Positions: Outside Back

Let's get into the often overlooked and undervalued position of the outside back in soccer. Explore the nuances and significance of the outside back soccer position.
4 minutes

Bouncing Back: How to Deal with an Injury as a Competitive Soccer Player

In this post we discuss how to navigate the challenges of an injury as a competitive soccer player and bounce back stronger with these tips and strategies.
3 minutes

The Complete Guide to Soccer Positions: Center Defensive Midfield (CDM)

The center defensive midfielder, or CDM, is an important position in soccer that plays a crucial role in both defense and midfield. In this blog, we explore the responsibilities and skills required for this position.
5 minutes

5 Tips for Managing Lack of Playing Time on a Club Soccer Team

Are you or your player dealing with a lack of playing time? Here are 5 tips to help effectively manage the situation.
2 minutes

What to Consider When Choosing a Youth Soccer Team

Are you searching for a new soccer team for your player? Here are 10 important points to consider when choosing your new soccer home.
4 minutes

How much does youth soccer really cost in the US?

This post discusses the factors contributing to the costs of youth club soccer in the United States and why more of that cost is passed on to families when compared to to other countries
4 minutes

Club Soccer vs. Rec Soccer: A Parent's Guide to the Differences

Read on for the differences between club soccer vs. recreational soccer with our comprehensive guide for North Texas parents. Connect with TeamPlayr today.