BVB Puma South 13G

2013G Still have room for the right player to join our team! What do we offer you ask? \- Small Roster = Great Playing Time Opportunity  \- Highly Competitive Team in JrClassic and RPL  \- Great Coach that is focusing on development. He is committed to coaching two teams to the highest levels. No joint practices and lots of attention on each player.  \- Great team of committed families. We help each other with fundraising and making soccer as affordable as possible for each girl!  Don’t miss out on giving our team a look! We might be just what you’re looking for! BVB Puma South 13G - Arlington Practice location!


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    Splash Cup Champions
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    Tiger Tournament Champions
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    BVB 5v5 challenge Champions

Practice Schedule

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3434 South Collins St
Arlington, Texas

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